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Index For The Nia Technique Book

Posted by terrepruitt on October 7, 2010

There is a book about Nia.  The Nia Technique Book authored by Debbie Rosas* and Carlos Rosas**.  When I first thought of teaching Nia I bought it.  I think I have said before that I thought Nia was a little too “woo-woo”.  When I read the book it helped me see that Nia is based on the science and the design of the body.  I often refer to my book.  I have little tabs stuck on almost every page and that gets bothersome.
While the book has a table of contents it is sparse and it does not have an index.  I always find myself searching and flipping and going back and forth in the pages because I can’t find what I want and I know it is there.  Last week when planning the Nia Playshop I just flipped back and forth one too many times.  So I created an index.I created an index of all the things I want to look up and arranged in alphabetically.  I also arranged it so that there are subsections within the index.  But then that seemed so long so I did an index with just the main sections and a separate index below of the subsections.  So, yes, I have the index arranged three different ways so that you can have a choice on how to look at it. It’s on my site HelpYouWell.com.

One of the “bothers”, cat eating tabs.

If you would like a copy of the Excel format just let me know.

*now known as Debbie Rosas Stewart
**now known as Carlos AyaRosas

3 Responses to “Index For The Nia Technique Book”

  1. suzicate said

    I sometimes put tabs in books that I know I will refer back to. /cool that you’ve arranged several ways to use it.


    • I had so many tabs, post-its, and bookmarks it was unmanageable. I put tabs/post its in a lot of my books, but not as many because a lot have indexes. This didn’t have enough of a table of contents or index for me.

      I was going to do it just one way, but then I asked my husband which way would be best and he like the first way, but I liked the second one (with the subsections in the index). I thought the way I liked was too long so I came up with the separate index of subsections. He said to do them all. Alllllrriiiiiiighty then!

      If you are interested in learning more about Nia, its a GREAT book!


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