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After Nia Visit

Posted by terrepruitt on February 26, 2015

Have I ever told you that one of my students is a Naturopathic Doctor?  Yeah, I have, I looked it up.  I told you in the post about messing up, Messing Up Is Fun.  I told you about how she had been my student for years before I even knew she was a doctor.  Before class I am busy setting up — because there are things that need to be done — just normal things like taking off my socks and shoes, turning on the music, greeting new students, moving things away from the mirror, sweeping the floor, etc.  Sometimes even deciding what to teach.  Often times reviewing in my head what I am going to teach.  And then after there is the cleaning up . . . putting on my socks and shoes, and PAYING ATTENTION to where I put my phone and just the general wrapping up of class, I don’t always get in on the conversations.  Not only do I not get to be a part of them, but often times other students miss out on good stuff, too.  I had always wanted to gather as a group after class, but when I learned she was a Naturopathic Doctor and I hadn’t know for years then I decided we all HAD to meet after.  So there is a day for each of the venues that I teach at where we meet for coffee.

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For the Thursday classes we meet on the last Thursday of the month.  We meet at a Peet’s coffee shop around the corner from the community center.  It was really cool today because we had ten people.  That is awesome.  That is a big group to have visiting for coffee.  More than half the class came to coffee!  While we were there, a person we all know showed up because she was planning on meeting someone else at that very spot.  She showed up a few minutes early to meet us because she knew we would be there.  So the ten turned into twelve for a bit.  It was fabulous.  So fun.

Not only do I learn about my students and their personal lives, I also get feedback from them.  It could DIRECT feedback or just something I pick up from the conversation.  Sometimes they mention something that they might not know about Nia and I love that I can take the time to explain it.  It is not always possible to get out all the information that can be shared about Nia WHILE you are teaching.  So I love to be able to explain.  Also, it reminds me that if the person talking doesn’t know that other people probably don’t know either so I can try to find away to let them know in class.

Often times it could be that people didn’t hear what I said, during class.  There can be a lot going on in an exercise class, as you may be aware.  Sometimes there is a fan in the room that might make it difficult for some to hear.  Or there might be people outside that distract us.  Or there might be someone walking through class just as I am explaining about something.  Could be that one is just so involved in their own dance that they miss something.  It is all fine.  But I love the opportunity to be able to provide some clarification during our visits.I also really love to hear what is doing on with them.  So many stories out there.

It is great to have NiaNow.com because I get a lot of people who are visiting the are that come to my classes.  I love that.  I always encourage ALL Nia teachers to put their classes on the site.  A lot of people like to keep up their movement routine while they are traveling so it is nice for people to be able to find a class near where they are staying.  I have a out of town student dancing with us now . . . she came to coffee with us.  So fun to experience this!

I have always wanted to have visits after my classes and today I was just so amazed to have such a large group!  I am so happy to be so blessed to have such great people in my classes as Nia students.  They are definitely people you want to have coffee with.

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Messing Up Is Fun

Posted by terrepruitt on October 24, 2013

After Nia class once a month we meet for a visit.  We walk to a coffee house and get a beverage.  Some of us have coffee, some of us have tea, some of us have nothing, but that is not the point.  The point is that we visit.  It took almost two years for me to learn one of my students is a Naturopathic Doctor. As the teacher, often times I am busy with “teacher/business” duties.  I miss some of the interaction and conversations that my students have.  It is so fabulous to see friendships formed and conversations happen.  But I wanted to be in on some of the conversations and I wanted my students to be able to share with each other as a group.  I love when I can make a connection . . . when one person can meet the needs or desires of another.  So, so, so fulfilling.  It is difficult to learn about people while dancing . . . so an after-class visit is just the thing.  Students can share what they do and what is going on in their lives and we can get to know each other a bit off of the dance floor.  Also, I learn a lot of other things about my students and what they like about Nia.

I was sharing with one of my students something about the moves.  I was using a specific example and I said, “You know when I am talking about because you were giggling.”  And she said, “I was giggling because I messed up.”  She said after we did the move over and over and over she was still getting it wrong and so she was laughing.  She said messing up is one of her favorite parts of Nia.  I LOVE that.  I love that she “gets” that part of Nia.  Nia is not about doing it right.  Nia is about moving.  Nia understands that sometimes for so many reasons, you just don’t get it.  It could be a move you can normally do in your sleep but for some reason at that moment it is escaping you.  Instead of getting upset and frustrated with yourself and STOPPING, embrace the mistake and keep moving.  Use the opportunity to do the move in a totally different way.  If you are still able to move with the count, but the choreography is escaping you for the moment, move in a different way but with the same count.  If you are able to do the movement, but it is the count that you are having issues with, vary your speed even MORE.  Go faster or slower . . . what have you got to lose, not the count because you’ve already lost that!  Just IN JOY it, be in joy.  Have fun.

I love, love, love that my student loves messing up.  She embraces so much that is Nia.  She takes that as an opportunity to play.  To “be a kid again” and just not care.  You know how kids are — before they are taught differently — they just move and dance in their own way and they don’t care what opinion people have.  Also in the messing up and going with it, it is a lesson in letting go . . . . letting go of judgment, letting go of feeling you have to be perfect, letting go of making your body do something it is clearly not doing well – at the moment.  It is freeing to just move the best you can.

Now this is different from Nia Free Dance.  I mean Free Dance is where we are purposefully dancing to stimulate movement creativity, not dancing in a choreographed way.  Where we don’t think and we just move.  This, when you just can’t get a move and give into NOT getting it, is you dancing what you are capable at the moment in the choreography.  Get through it then join back in.  I would think you would keep trying to do it or continue with the modification you made, but it is not free dance.  It is more of a embrace-the-mess-up-and-have-fun kind of dance.

I was just very happy to hear that she was ok with messing up.  She was ok with allowing herself the freedom to not be perfect.  She was embracing and celebrating movement for Joy and not for moving exactly like the choreography.  She was having fun.  Awesome!

So do you enjoy messing up in a situation like an dance workout class?  Can you laugh it off and keep going?  Can you allow yourself to dance your way and get back on track when you are able?  Can you see the difference between this and Free Dance?

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Posted by terrepruitt on March 22, 2011

I’ve mentioned that one day after Nia Class I learned one of my students is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor.  How I learned that, she told me to try the Wet Sock Treatment.  She also gave me a homeopathic medicine called Trauma.  The box says it is for temporary relief of pain and inflammation from injuries, muscle sprains and pulls, bruises and trauma.  I said I would try it even though I am a fan of Zheng Gu Shui.  I have been wanting to post about this since I got it because it is pretty awesome.  I am a fan of it too.

It is so nice because unlike Zheng Gu Shui it does not have a scent.  It also does not stain anything.  It also is not drying.  I think it actually moisturizes.  It is a cream so it is much easier to apply than Zheng Gu Shui which is a liquid.  It is so scent free and residue free that I would often put it on after I got in bed and would just go right to sleep without even bother to wash my hands.

It has arnica in it and I have been told that arnica is great for bruises and it helps with inflammation.  It has many other flowers and herbs, including witch hazel, chamomile, and echinacea.  I would recommend people try it if they have the need for an ointment of this type.

This “problem” with it is according to the package and the website it is only “available through licensed providers and pharmacists”.  Maybe that means you can actually get it at a pharmacy.  I didn’t even think to look.  Well, if you are interested in trying a homeopathic medicine that has no scent yet gives great relief maybe you can check.

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