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One Thing More Important Than A Blog Post

Posted by terrepruitt on November 19, 2011

I went to a Nia class this morning.  Grateful Hearts Nia Celebration is an annual event, it is in its third year although this is the first time I have attended.  It is a free Nia class put on by a friend Anita Christensen, a Brown Belt Nia teacher.  She collects food for the Second Harvest Food Bank.  Today she collected a pretty good haul.  She had a great turn out for class.  Then I came home and got ready for a party for a friend that is moving away.  Yesterday, even though I only have one Nia class, I had to go visit a friend who is saying goodbye to his mother, and did not have a chance to write a blog post.  Although there is plenty of time to do things, I don’t SEEM to have enough time to do some of the other things I have on my schedule to do.  It has been a bit of a trying month.  There are a lot of things more important than a blog post for me right now.

A lot of things are changing and although I am committed to posting and doing it on my self assigned schedule, I just have been working through some stuff.  I don’t always have a post just popping off my fingers into the keyboard.  Often times it takes a lot of research.  I come up with a topic or an idea I think will be easy to post about and then I sit down and start writing and looking into the subject and so much information is out there.  Often a lot of it is conflicting and I don’t like to write about something without at least being aware of the other side.  I know I don’t always succeed and I even might just think there are two sides when there are many more, but at least I know there is at least one more side.

dance teacher, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, Nia, Kitty Cat, Lap Cats, Nia workout, Cardio dance classAt times lately, I am thinking I am just not grown up enough to be able to handle all that is going on.  So much makes me want to just go into a corner for a self-imposed time out, but that is not how I believe I can live.  I believe that in spite of all the death and loss that is going on I still have a lot to be grateful for.  That is why the dance today, the Grateful Heart Nia Class was so important to me to attend.  What all this boils down to is that I don’t have a lot of time to write a blog post.  I am just writing some things about what I am feeling and what is going on and as usual, I am hoping other people can identify.

I have not taken the time to think of a topic.  I tried.  I let my mind wander to see if it found something, but I have been a little distracted.  So I didn’t think of one and I didn’t do research because I felt that there were other things I needed to do.  I needed to visit with my friend as he is going through this transition.  I needed to go to a Nia class.  I needed to grab some food and go visit with one of my best friends who is moving.  I didn’t think we were be as long as we were, but then again, we needed to spend that time together.

Then, as I am sitting at my computer trying to figure out what to write, I have this cat that wants to sit on my lap.  She doesn’t always do that, she will usually let me work then later when I get out of the office she will sit with me but for some reason there she was sitting on my lap putting her head in my hand as I tired to typed . . . another more important-than-a-blog-post thing taking me away from my post.  Sometimes I just have to go with the flow and ride the tide.  I hope you understand.  I also hope that sometimes you are able to stop trying to work on your to-do list and just do what you have to do.

4 Responses to “One Thing More Important Than A Blog Post”

  1. niachick said

    My blogs are very much about what I am feeling or sensing. I enjoy your blogs for two reasons (probably more, but the 2 main reasons): our friendship first, then (but equally as important) the quality information you provide on a plethora of subjects.

    The fact that you posted this blog to let us (your readers) know the intensity of your every day living these days is admirable and appreciated (I speak for myself, but I’m sure for others, too). It’s a way of sharing your daily life and the various dramas that unfold and the energetic and vibrational quality of how you handle them. I smiled at your statement, “I am thinking I am just not grown up enough to be able to handle all that is going on” and the answer to yourself that “but that is not how I believe I can live.”

    Indeed, we are given the opportunity in a multitude of ways in our daily living to show our strength of character and love for expressing the truth of who we are — ESPECIALLY during the times when we want to run and hide.

    I acknowledge your strength and resolve, Terre. I love that you blogged that you had nothing to blog about…but truly Terre, this blog is one of my favorites. You spoke directly from your heart and your experience. It wasn’t technical or informative about anything other than your sweet, compassionate beingness. I love ALL of your blogs, don’t get me wrong…keep ’em comin’. Just know that for me this blog says more about who you are rather than what you do.

    I love you!



    • I knew I could count on your support. And I know it is silly of me to want to keep my posting schedule, but I do. And I wanted to share it is not that life it so sad and I can’t handle it, or whoas me, I just had to adjust my priorities. I thought I would be home earlier yeaterday, but the family didn’t kick us out so we lingered. :-). Of course, Spot always ranks too!



  2. I love stopping by and reading your thoughts. I love your topics and knowledge too. You know, I want to hide sometimes because I can’t do all I want to do. It is overwhelming. If it helps….I think you are doing wonderful. 🙂


    • Thank you, Angelia. I love when you stop by! 🙂

      I know you know what I am talking about. 🙂 You almost left us (us, being your online friends). That is exactly what I am talking about. I am ok, things are fine, things are gettting done, but the blog posting is having to take a backseat. Today I am going to post another recipe! 🙂

      Thanks for your support. Hugs to you and your wonderful family (including the furkids)!


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