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Signs You Are Dancing In A Nia Class

Posted by terrepruitt on May 9, 2016

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, PiYo, Nia Technique, SJ City Fit, SJCityFitSo, I was so blessed yesterday to have two fellow Nia Teachers attend the class I was teaching.  There are three of us that teach a Sunday Nia class at the Northwest YMCA in Cupertino on a rotating basis.  We have general “dibbs” on Sundays; Anita likes the first Sunday of the month, I like the second Sunday of the month, and Joan has the fourth Sunday of the month.  At one point we had a fourth teacher and she usually took the third Sunday.  But now that it is just us three, we each take the third Sunday when we are available.  It seems to work out amazingly well that when one (or even two of us) is not available the other two or at least one is.  So it works out.  Sometimes there is even a fifth Sunday and we make sure one of us is available.  Plus we work together when something comes up and we have to switch Sundays.  The class is at 12:30 so it is late enough that one can get up and enjoy a nice Sunday morning and not have to rush off to teach.  Then we teach and are home in time for a late lunch.  🙂

Well, after class yesterday we were talking about Nia, of course . . . and Anita asked us if we had seen her list of top ten signs you are dancing in a Nia class.  I had remembered seeing it, but I didn’t remember them until she started reading them.  Then I remembered I saw the list.  I had glanced at it, but saved the e-mail to read later.  When she brought it up I had asked her if I could share the list on my blog and she kindly agreed.  So here ya go:


Anita Christensen’s top ten signs you are dancing in a Nia class:

1.    They like to freedance without judgement of themselves or others.

2.    They are the nicest people.

3.    They are all so grateful for the day she, Debbie*, took off her shoes.

4.    They make claws with their fingers and scratch the air….sounding grrr…healing emotional issues related to power, abandonment, fear, and anger.**

5.    They shimmy and shake their shoulders to express sassy gestures that play with each other in seductive and joyful ways.**

6.    They fully acknowledge and embrace that this is THEIR adult play time!

7.    They kick to the front, side, and back with authority settling on a supportive leg.

8.    As a collective group they yell out “yes” or “no” for all to hear.

9.    They choose, sustain, and tweak their JOY of movement to sense life force energy….

10.   They invite you to come and be open to a life affirming experience.

It is true Nia is fun, healing and joyful! Do you have anything to add to my top ten list? How I would enJOY hearing your top ten list! The bay area teachers are THRIVING and we want you to join us.”

*”Debbie” is Debbie Rosas is the founder and co-creator of Nia.

**Referenced from the Language of Nia


Anita Christensen is Nia Black Belt and she teaches several classes in the South Bay and the Peninsula.  Check out her profile on NiaNow.com.

This is such a great list!  I am going to use some of these as focuses and/or intents in my Nia classes!!

As Anita invited readers at the end of her list . . . do you have any signs to add to the list?  Please share!

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One Thing More Important Than A Blog Post

Posted by terrepruitt on November 19, 2011

I went to a Nia class this morning.  Grateful Hearts Nia Celebration is an annual event, it is in its third year although this is the first time I have attended.  It is a free Nia class put on by a friend Anita Christensen, a Brown Belt Nia teacher.  She collects food for the Second Harvest Food Bank.  Today she collected a pretty good haul.  She had a great turn out for class.  Then I came home and got ready for a party for a friend that is moving away.  Yesterday, even though I only have one Nia class, I had to go visit a friend who is saying goodbye to his mother, and did not have a chance to write a blog post.  Although there is plenty of time to do things, I don’t SEEM to have enough time to do some of the other things I have on my schedule to do.  It has been a bit of a trying month.  There are a lot of things more important than a blog post for me right now.

A lot of things are changing and although I am committed to posting and doing it on my self assigned schedule, I just have been working through some stuff.  I don’t always have a post just popping off my fingers into the keyboard.  Often times it takes a lot of research.  I come up with a topic or an idea I think will be easy to post about and then I sit down and start writing and looking into the subject and so much information is out there.  Often a lot of it is conflicting and I don’t like to write about something without at least being aware of the other side.  I know I don’t always succeed and I even might just think there are two sides when there are many more, but at least I know there is at least one more side.

dance teacher, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, Nia, Kitty Cat, Lap Cats, Nia workout, Cardio dance classAt times lately, I am thinking I am just not grown up enough to be able to handle all that is going on.  So much makes me want to just go into a corner for a self-imposed time out, but that is not how I believe I can live.  I believe that in spite of all the death and loss that is going on I still have a lot to be grateful for.  That is why the dance today, the Grateful Heart Nia Class was so important to me to attend.  What all this boils down to is that I don’t have a lot of time to write a blog post.  I am just writing some things about what I am feeling and what is going on and as usual, I am hoping other people can identify.

I have not taken the time to think of a topic.  I tried.  I let my mind wander to see if it found something, but I have been a little distracted.  So I didn’t think of one and I didn’t do research because I felt that there were other things I needed to do.  I needed to visit with my friend as he is going through this transition.  I needed to go to a Nia class.  I needed to grab some food and go visit with one of my best friends who is moving.  I didn’t think we were be as long as we were, but then again, we needed to spend that time together.

Then, as I am sitting at my computer trying to figure out what to write, I have this cat that wants to sit on my lap.  She doesn’t always do that, she will usually let me work then later when I get out of the office she will sit with me but for some reason there she was sitting on my lap putting her head in my hand as I tired to typed . . . another more important-than-a-blog-post thing taking me away from my post.  Sometimes I just have to go with the flow and ride the tide.  I hope you understand.  I also hope that sometimes you are able to stop trying to work on your to-do list and just do what you have to do.

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Day Of Dance

Posted by terrepruitt on February 27, 2010

El Camino Hospital sponsored a Free Health Fair today (February 27, 2010).  It was in one of the ballrooms at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  There was various Health Screenings.  I didn’t actually get any done because I just didn’t feel like waiting in the lines.  Although there were plenty of people that were willing to stand in the lines in the interest of learning about their health.

There was various demonstrations and audience participation dances going on.  On TWO stages.  It was very interesting and very loud since they had the “main stage” and the “side stage” set up right next to each other.

I was able to do a little Zumba, which I have done before.  But I didn’t have the right shoes so it made it difficult.  I should have stayed to do the yoga that was on the stage right after us.  But I didn’t want to keep my photographer waiting that long.

A fellow Nia teacher was invited to do a demonstration of Nia so she had asked people to join her.  I am not sure how many people were there from her invitation or how many were there because they joined us, but I think it turned out to be a good crowd.  I would say there was at least 30 people.  So many so that they did not all fit on the little dance floor she was given.

It was a great thing.  I believe that a lot of people were introduced to Nia.  I am thankful to Anita for doing this for us.

My husband came along to get some pictures.  He was taking pictures of me and we confirmed that our camera is not able to take good action shots in low light.  Here are a few.  Thank you for looking.

I hope that next year El Camino Hospital sponsor another Day of Dance and you come out to see that dancing is a great way to workout out and a very fun way to get your exercise on!

You can find information regarding my classes in San Jose and San Carlos on my web site (click here).

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