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Events, Thoughts, Happenings, Christmas, Things

Posted by terrepruitt on December 10, 2011

The studio I teach Nia at in the Willow Glen Area of San Jose is having their annual Holiday Party.  I have been teaching at the studio for almost three years (three years in January 2012).  This is the first time I have been able to make it to the party.  I am very excited.  They have food, performances, demos, make-up, drumming, dancing, and just plain fun.  If you are local and you are able join us.  (02.16.12 The even has taken place, see my next post https://terrepruitt.com/2011/12/13/halanda-studio-holiday-party-2011/  for a little summary and pictures.)

I think that people are not comfortable turning their head.  While out today I was watching people back out of parking spaces in parking lots and I was amazed.  Most of the people I watched did not look back while backing up?  What is up with that?  You are actually supposed to TURN YOUR HEAD AND LOOK BACK while backing up.  I saw so many people glance left then right then front and just start going and KEEP going.  I understand sometimes you look left, then right, then front as you start easing out, but then you turn and keep looking back.  Nope, not the people I saw.  They just zipped out as if people coming around the big huge car parked besides them could see they were backing out and would stop.  Crazy.  I am surprised I didn’t see a lot of collisions.

Last night we went out to dinner with a group of friends.  It is our second annual Christmas dinner.  Last year it was at a friend’s house.  This year we went to a restaurant.  We ordered a few of everything from each section of the menu and we shared it family style.  It was all very good.  Some of it was very unusual.  It is one of those restaurants where the menu changes all the time so you can’t go there expecting to get something you got last time.  One of the stand out items for me was Pumpkin Ravioli, Sage-Walnut Pesto, and Pomegranate.  The Pomegranate just pushed it over the edge of yummy.  The Lasagna of Pork Sausage, Zucchini and Mozzarella was excellent too.  One of the weirdest things was Pumpkin Ice Cream, Hazelnuts, Aged Balsamico.  I cannot say that I would recommend this.  The Balsamico was not sweet enough to tie the flavors together.  In fact when it hit the portion of my tongue that registers sour my face did the lemon taste face and my eyes started pouring water.  A bit TOO much of a contrast to me.  I am not usually a fan of the family style eating but since there were so many things to taste I really enjoyed it last night.

We got a bum tree this year.  I picked it.  I thought I did GREAT.  My husband was shocked when he came home and I told him to be careful.  We can’t understand why it is perfectly green and looks great, but it acting as if it is dead and brown.  Needles are falling off it at an incredible rate.  I am bummed.  It will be a very short Christmas tree time this year.  The cat will be happy.  She is really good with a tree in the house for about 30 days.  She will tolerate it.  Maybe bat at an ornament once or twice.  But on the 31st day.  She had been known to give an ornament a whack.  To me that is her telling me that she is done.  When we have a tree we move her cat tower away from the best window to another window.  The other window is not as tall so she can’t see as well on the top.  Plus it is just not in the “right” spot.  There is a TREE in the right spot.  This displacement doesn’t really make her happy.  At first she is a little excited to be in a new spot but that wears off quickly.  Also the tree is in the best sun spot.  And with this tree I am not even opening the curtains to let the sun and heat on it.  For as long as we have had her, she will let the tree be until we are over 30 days.  Then she tells me in a very catly way that she is done.  So this year she will be happy because it will not last 30 days.  Sad but true.

I am still working on my 31 Things Project.  How about you?

So, do you have anything to share?  An event?  Perhaps some thoughts?  Anything happening with you?  What about Christmas; have you decorated?  Are you done shopping?  Anything?

6 Responses to “Events, Thoughts, Happenings, Christmas, Things”

  1. Still no tree up. But, I have some Christmas cards on the mantle. The Nia party sound like fun. We had friends and their kids over for dinner last night. I met him in photography class. It was sooo much fun. I really like this family and it’s not often we hang out with other couples. So yay for us doing something new. 🙂


    • Well, I can see how putting the tree up in your house is a bit of a task because you have at least TWO trees. One tree is a lot of work . . . two is A LOT. And I am actually thinking you had THREE trees one year, yes? So trees are a daunting task I imagine. Usually it takes me three days to decorate the tree because I put on over 200 ornaments, but this year I didn’t want to go through all that and just end up having to take it down soon.

      The party will just have a short Nia demo, there will also be Belly Dancing, Zumba, and others. The studio owners are belly dancers so there is a lot of belly dancing classes at the studio.

      You get double bonus points for doing something new during the Holidays!!!!!!! Usually we avoid doing new stuff during the holidays because there is already so much stuff going on so THREE (at least) CHEERS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!


  2. “I believe bodies need to move.” I love what you said on your landing page. I’m with you on that. And turning around before backing up? I know I’ve given myself a crick in the neck with that move. Gotta remember to begin that twist at my bellybutton and then I’m OK.

    Thanks for being one of those who helps us keep moving.


    • Why hello there, Rebecca! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!!!!

      It is important that our bodies move. Use it or lose it is not JUST a saying, it is truth.

      When I was in driving training they actually taught us to turn all the way around because that way you can see BOTH sides of the vehicle. So left hand on the wheel and the right hand can be placed on the passenger seat. Allowing your elbow to lead the turn can maybe help keep the neck from turning too much and avoid “cricking”. 🙂


  3. suzicate said

    The dead needles and the sneezing from our allergies are the reasons we bought a fake once years ago…and now the prelit trees are fabulous! Merry Christmas!


    • I was thinking about a “fake” one so that I could hang ornaments ANYWHERE and not have to search for a sturdy branch. Plus you can “stack” ornaments, just lining them along one branch. I swore I never would, but . . . . I can see the draw!!

      Merry Christmas to you!!!!


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