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Sore Hamstrings

Posted by terrepruitt on June 12, 2011

My Ten Minute Workout is done.  I do believe that ten minutes is not that long and it can be done, but one does have to manage their time properly and I did not do that yesterday.  I had plenty of time in which to do it, but I kept getting delayed.  Also, I was sensing my hamstrings wanting a rest.  I didn’t really think they NEEDED a rest, they are not injured or really sore, but I am aware of them when I get up.  The Nia routine I did most of last week has a lot of bows in it.  The name of the Nia routine is Passion and when the music is in fully swing it allows the passion of dance to be experienced and I have been taking my bows low.  I am experiencing some soreness in my hamstrings.

But the main reason for me not doing my Ten Ten in Ten is my poor time management.  Unless I am in a lot of pain and think that further movement will damage my muscle for me the best course of action is to work through it, even if I tone the volume of movement down.  This workout MIGHT cause DOMS to be experienced and that is when you have to decide what it best for you.

How are you doing today?

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Ten Minutes then Passion

Posted by terrepruitt on June 7, 2011

Ten minutes THEN passion is better than ten minutes OF passion.

WHAT?  What is she talking about?  🙂

Often times I write what is going on then when I think about it silly things pop into my head.  I am going to go do my Ten Ten in Ten (which has primarily been twenty in ten, but today I am thinking of doing the ten really slow) then I am going to practice Passion which is a Nia routine.  When I thought of my plan I thought “ten minutes then Passion” and as I was typing the other thought occurred to me.  Yeah, it’s a crazy train.

Did you do your Ten Minute Workout?  I know that one of my friends did because she posted on yesterday’s comment.  (Thank you!)

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