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Sore Hamstrings

Posted by terrepruitt on June 12, 2011

My Ten Minute Workout is done.  I do believe that ten minutes is not that long and it can be done, but one does have to manage their time properly and I did not do that yesterday.  I had plenty of time in which to do it, but I kept getting delayed.  Also, I was sensing my hamstrings wanting a rest.  I didn’t really think they NEEDED a rest, they are not injured or really sore, but I am aware of them when I get up.  The Nia routine I did most of last week has a lot of bows in it.  The name of the Nia routine is Passion and when the music is in fully swing it allows the passion of dance to be experienced and I have been taking my bows low.  I am experiencing some soreness in my hamstrings.

But the main reason for me not doing my Ten Ten in Ten is my poor time management.  Unless I am in a lot of pain and think that further movement will damage my muscle for me the best course of action is to work through it, even if I tone the volume of movement down.  This workout MIGHT cause DOMS to be experienced and that is when you have to decide what it best for you.

How are you doing today?

4 Responses to “Sore Hamstrings”

  1. SuziCate said

    I have read your several past posts and I am now depressed! You are so with it, so dedicated!!! I’m jealous! I want to be dedicated and fit…maybe I just don’t want it badly enough. Hoping to get moving some soon. Actually went for a little hike today. We’ve been set back with hubby’s back problems, and are trying to get moving again. I’ve become complacent instead of popping in the dvd and doing my thing….I want to be motivated…looking for some inspiration here….any ideas? I do feel better after moving around today, let’s see if I can pick up the pace tomorrow. We’ve also altered our eating habits, cut back on red meat and cheeses and upped the fiber, seems to be helping with the stomach issues so that’s a plus.


    • Awww, don’t be depressed, I struggle too. I was upset with myself because I didn’t do my ten workout yesterday. I really just waited too long then I got tied up — just as I was about to do it I got a phone call. Do you have friends you don’t talk to often so when you do get on the phone there is so much to talk about the phone call ends up being hours? By the time I got off the phone, it was dinner time, actually WAY past dinner time, so I felt I needed to do dinner. Then it was night. And I could have—should have done it then, but I didn’t. So, you are funny to say I am dedicated. I felt way less than dedicated yesterday. So this morning I got up and put on my exercise clothes first thing. My hubby said, “Do you want coffee?” I said, “Not yet.” Because like my friend I was using coffee as my incentive. No coffee until my ten ten is done!

      You move. You hike. I am always impressed by all of your forays into the wild.

      I imagine you being a morning person. So for you I would think the morning and the outside would inspire you. Maybe just taking your workout outside would be something to inspire? Even if you can’t go for a hike, if you allow yourself ten minutes outside to do a little workout that might help? Because it is getting you outside it might be more of a treat.

      I find motivation in movement. Once I start I realize how great it is. And also, diet, the change in your diet could act as a motivator. As in, “Well, since I am eating better I can complement that with XXXXXX.”


  2. Michele said

    Terre, you are amazingly dedicated and a mad blogger!! I took the the rest of Saturday and Sunday off the computer – didn’t even check my e-mails! I also skipped my 10 minutes on Sunday, we took the kids and the dog down to the beach and I ran around in the sand for a while, whew, that’s hard work too! I also prefer to be outdoors, and that is a good idea, maybe I’ll take my 10 minute work out outside tomorrow.


    • You ladies are making me laugh saying I am dedicated. I skipped Saturday. Right when I was going to do it. I had my “gym” set up, the phone rang and I hadn’t talked to the caller in almost a month so we were on the phone a long time. By the time we got off the phone it was late for dinner so I decided to get working on that . . . . and then the night was gone. But to me it is ok to take a day off as long as you don’t get in that habit, right?

      And for YOU, you were saying your arms were sore, so they probably needed a rest. I know that you don’t stop moving, because you have kids and things to do, but a rest from the movement that is making your arms sore seems reasonable. Right? Right.

      I used to do Yoga in the back yard. I believe that as long as there is a safe place to workout/exercise outdoors then do it.

      Running around in the sand is a great workout!


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