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Overhead Triceps Extension

Posted by terrepruitt on June 18, 2011

For this Ten Minute Workout, our triceps extension is going over the head with dumbbells.  I have posted in the past a way to use a weighted bar lying down.  For this exercise use the amount of weight that is appropriate for your own individual goals, so that could mean you use two dumbbells or one.  Hold the weights behind your head.  Your neck is comfortable and relaxed, it is NOT being pushed forward.   Your elbows are pointing up at the sky, which for me puts my forearms right at my ears.  Keeping your upper arms still, “push”/move the weights toward the sky.  Don’t swing the weights, just bring them up, only your elbow joints move.  Your shoulder joints don’t move, your upper arms are still.  You are also concentrating on keeping your shoulders down**.  They should not rise up to the ears or become scrunched.  They stay down.  The movement is not a swing.  Momentum is not used to complete this exercise.  Please be very, very careful of your head and neck.

Since this exercise is right after the sit ups and right before the push ups in the ten minute workout.  I do it from a kneeling position.  Since I am kneeling, I position myself up right with a straight back.  Your torso does not need to move in this exercise.  Remember, the triceps are doing the work, so no swing and no momentum and that includes your body.

**(Shoulders “down” tip) I was once told by a Pilates instructor – to assist with keeping my shoulders down – imagine putting my shoulder blades in my back pockets.  Which really just means to pull your shoulder blades down.  I used to habitually bring my shoulders up to my ears, by using the thought of my shoulder BLADES instead of actually concentrating on my shoulders I keep my shoulders down without feeling as if I am be pushed down.  To me, the body sensation is different.  I feel it improves my posture because it is bringing my shoulders down AND back no matter when I employ the method.   But, yes, I still have to remember to do it.  🙂

With all that there is to do in this exercise, this is not necessarily one that you do fast.  Sometimes fast might mean hitting yourself in the head with the weight.  (I would imagine.  I mean, of course, I’ve NEVER done that. 🙂 )   So take your time and don’t rush.  You have ten whole minutes to do ten reps of ten exercises.

Got it?  Let me know what questions you have.  Or how this works for you.

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Wet Sock Treatment

Posted by terrepruitt on February 3, 2011

Just recently, I learned that one of my Nia students is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.  She has been attending my Nia classes for about two years and when I first met her she said she taught Pilates, so I thought that was her primary job. It is actually funny because I have been looking for a holistic doctor.  One day after class she asked how my toe was doing and said something like, let me think about it and see what I have and I’ll let you know.  I thought, ok.  The next class she brought me a sample of something and a homeopathic treatment/instructions where it stated she was an ND.  Ha, the things you learn.

Anyway, the second I got home I looked for cotton socks and wool socks.  We didn’t have any that I could accurately identify.  And I really didn’t think that walking around shopping was the best thing for my foot/toe.  There were times that I had to do things, as in get groceries or take care of some bank business, but shopping was not a high priority.  I waited until I could enlist the help of mom!  Yup.  She ran around and got me some wool socks.

Anyway . . . the therapy is this:

1.  Warm your feet, either by soaking them or by taking a bath.
2.  Dry your feet.
3.  Wet a pair of cotton socks.  Make sure they are completely wet with cold water.
4.  Wring the socks out so they are not dripping.
5.  Put the socks on.  Yes!  Put the socks on your nicely warmed feet.
6.  Cover the cold wet cotton socks with the dry wool socks.
7.  Go to bed!  Cover up like you normally would.

All of the various instructions I have read said to make certain that you don’t get chilled.  So the idea is to put the wet socks on, then the dry socks and go directly to bed.

When you wake up the socks will be dry and your feet warm.

This treatment is said to aid with congestion and upper respiratory infections.  Information says it helps with headaches, migraines, colds, infections, sore throats, ear infections, cough and bronchitis.  Also, helps with cold feet due to poor circulation.  Some things say it helps relieve pain and promote healing.

Since your feet have cold wet socks on your body has to keep your feet warm so it sends the blood to your feet.  This wet sock therapy gets your blood moving!

I found it made my feet really soft.  Same as putting lotion on then putting socks on.  I found that I slept really well.  At first I was thinking of this treatment as just something to do for my toe, but now that I actually tried it.  I can see how it could help with other things.  It was a momentary challenge for me to think of putting on wet socks, but then I realized my student wasn’t just making this up to help me, this is a TREATMENT.  It just took me awhile to get the right socks.  Neither my cotton nor the wool socks are 100% but they are as close as we could find.  I would think the higher the percentage the better.

The instructions I’ve read suggest you do it at least three nights in a row.  I did that.  I was too tired on the fourth night, which I think is good, but I might try it again tonight.  I think it really helped.  Oh, also, I skipped the warming step.  I started at #3.  Maybe if my feet were cold in the first place I would warm them first.

So what do you think?  Are you willing to try it?  If you do, please let me know your results.

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Loving More Than One

Posted by terrepruitt on June 9, 2009

I think that it is perfectly fine for people to like (or love) more than one thing. Right? Do you agree? I teach Nia, I practice Nia, I preach Nia, I love Nia, but . . . .I also love Pilates. I am somewhat hesitant to admit that I have never taken a mat Pilates class. I do plan on taking one because the club in Los Gatos where I teach offers it so I will get in there soon, but lately I have been practicing Pilates at home with DVDs.

I believe that Pilates was designed to be done on apparatuses. They have several that they utilize. It is my opinion that in order to really experience Pilates you do need to go to a qualified instructor and work with him/her on the apparatuses. I have experience with one wonderful Pilates instructor. Originally I found her because she was near downtown Milpitas, now she is in Milpitas, but closer to Fremont. My DVDs are not the same, but for now, it is what my schedule allows and I enjoy it. I have a few Pilates DVDs.

I enjoy the 10 minutes ones because I can focus on a section of the body for 10 minutes then move on. I can get a whole body work out in 30 to 40 minutes. They say you can do Pilates every day, but just like anything you want to listen to your own body and see what it says.

So , as I am always saying: find something you enjoy. You can enjoy several things Yoga, Pilates, Dancing, Nia, Walking, whatever. You can enjoy them several ways; in a class, outside, with a DVD, whatever. Find a couple of things and do it, enjoy doing it.

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