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Music as Motivation

Posted by terrepruitt on June 16, 2011

Music is a great motivator.  Often times it is used to set a mood.  Sometimes we even use it to memorize things.  I’ve been putting on Lady Gaga’s album, The Fame or Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream album to do my Ten Minute Workout to.  Such fun songs on both the albums.  As you know the workout is only ten minutes so I don’t get through much of either album during the workout.  Somtimes I am in a middle of a song and I just say or I’ll do some additional sit ups or whatever I am sensing I want more of.  If not, like when I’m in a hurry, I carry the music about with me.

I often listen to Nia music (music that we use for Nia routines) because I am always wanting to learn it better.  Or I am trying to learn a new routine (and sometimes that takes me awhile).  But I don’t like to do a timed set of exercises to Nia routine music because I get distracted and start doing the Nia choreography or something else pops into my head and I move those moves to see it they fit.  I do the same thing with other music — dance to it — but at least if I am doing specific moves new/other moves don’t pop into my head as with Nia routines which are always in my head so they just kind come out.  🙂

So this is MY placeholder.  I will be back to report that I did my workout.  What about you?  How are you doing with it?  What is your favorite song(s) to workout to?


June 16, 2011 at 11:37 am

Ha!  I am done.  I was done awhile ago, but when I logged in to post I had a comment and I wanted to answer it.  And as you can see it is longer than the original post.  HA!  I always do that when I comment.  I do it on other people’s blog.  My comment is longer than their post.  Now I am doing it to myself!!!!

Well, anyway, today I did my little workout to Prince.  What about you?

3 Responses to “Music as Motivation”

  1. niachick said

    When I’m working around the house, when I’m doing Yoga or my version of a sit up (usually with a coffee cup in my hand), I’m listening to Pink Floyd. My favorite tune of theirs is “Comfortably Numb”, not because I am, just because I love the guitar riffs and David Gilmore’s voice (the version of this song I like the best if off of their Distant Thunder CD). I remember getting high (can I say that on your blog?) to this song back in the early 80’s when I was doing really amateur body-building. Lifting weights to Pink Floyd after smoking a little weed is really a mind blowing experience. I have to say that I feel I’m in better shape now that I was then…possibly because I don’t smoke pot anymore (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but more so because of Nia. I’ve been teaching for 10 years now (yay me!) — the creative expression invited through Nia is extraordinary. No hallucenegics or marijuana needed. Simply moving my body to some very cool music (yes, I use Pink Floyd in some of my routines that I teach) using Nia’s 52 Moves creates a magical experience that is unmatched in my experience.

    I do commend you for your 10 minute workout theme and I love how you have a “place holder” for those who wish to comment on how their own experience with it is going. You are inspiring, Terre! I love your blog!!’



    • You are so funny.

      I truly believe that moving one’s body in an authentic way provides us benefits beyond exact understanding. I believe that music is one of the vehicles that assists us in moving our bodies in an authentic manner. So, as you stated, it is a magical experience. I know you use Pink Floyd and all types of music in your routines. That is ONE reason why I want to dance with you. As I am sure you know, Helen Terry (one of our Nia Teacher/Trainers — stated for the benefit of readers not familiar) had an entire routine to Dark Side of the Moon.

      I love so many things about Nia, but one of the things I do love is that “Nia’s 52 Moves” are not unique to Nia. So often times it is not as if people are having to learn something new. Many movement modalities from dance to strict exercises do very similar if not the exact same moves. Nia just has some cute names and some great ways to encourage the body to move in that way. Plus the encouragement of “your body’s way” allows people the freedom for authentic movement and, to me, THAT is where the magic comes in. As an example (as you know) if I am instructed to do a bow stance/lunge in my own body’s way and practice my way into THE body’s way—that is so liberating. But the best part is, if I never get to THE body’s way, the way our body was designed because my body can’t do that, that is celebrated too. The authentic and the individual is prized in Nia, not the conforming and the cookie-cutter moves.

      I had to make a “placeholder” because I love your comments and I am going to bed when you are getting up. For us there is the time difference and because I am a night owl and you are an early bird. Plus I have other bloggers that read my blog (I know you are there!) and they are in different time zones too. I have a feeling that some of them are doing the exercises (maybe not all, maybe not for a full ten minutes) but don’t want to comment, but I still want to give them the opportunity. Plus my friend, in my same time zone, is an early riser and this is how we are encouraging each other and having some daily contact which is nice. (I just realized that! That is an EXTRA added bonus to this whole thing!)

      I love that you share I know people benefit from what you are sharing and it allows me to sometimes explain more stuff. I know my comments back to you are often stuff you — as a Nia Black Belt and one who has been teaching for 10 years (YEAH YAY YOU!) — know, but I am hoping my “over explaining” helps others.

      Thank you for loving my blog. I love you and I appreciate you sooooo very much!!! XOXOXO


  2. Ha! I am done. I was done awhile ago, but when I logged in to post I had a comment and I wanted to answer it. And as you can see it is longer than the original post. HA! I always do that when I comment. I do it on other people’s blog. My comment is longer than their post. Now I am doing it to myself!!!!

    Well, anyway, today I did my little workout to Prince. What about you?


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