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Archive for June 7th, 2011

Biceps Curls

Posted by terrepruitt on June 7, 2011

A biceps curl is where you hold your upper arms at your side then with palms facing up pull your fists towards your biceps “curling” your arms. There are many ways you can do curls, but for the Ten Minute Workout I kept it simple so that is how this post will be.  Stand comfortably, straight spine all the way through the pelvis, knees soft.  Using two dumbbells, one in each hand, bring your hands to your biceps. Use a weight that allows you to complete ten curls in a row, but not too light.

Some things you want to keep in mind while doing biceps curls, keep your upper arms “still”. The idea of keeping them stuck to the sides of your body might help. The only portion of your body that should move during a biceps curl are your forearms. Your back should remain straight and stable. Your arms or your body should not swing in order for you to complete the curl. If you are swinging try slowing down,  If you cannot do the curl without swinging use a lighter dumbbell.

Questions?  Comments?

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Ten Minutes then Passion

Posted by terrepruitt on June 7, 2011

Ten minutes THEN passion is better than ten minutes OF passion.

WHAT?  What is she talking about?  🙂

Often times I write what is going on then when I think about it silly things pop into my head.  I am going to go do my Ten Ten in Ten (which has primarily been twenty in ten, but today I am thinking of doing the ten really slow) then I am going to practice Passion which is a Nia routine.  When I thought of my plan I thought “ten minutes then Passion” and as I was typing the other thought occurred to me.  Yeah, it’s a crazy train.

Did you do your Ten Minute Workout?  I know that one of my friends did because she posted on yesterday’s comment.  (Thank you!)

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