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Gangnam Style Plank

Posted by terrepruitt on March 29, 2013

You want to know something?  I have not seen anything Gangnam Style except what Saturday Night Live did.  They did a skit based on it almost the second it happened and the guy that started the whole thing was on it.  Ok, and I did watch a few seconds of a Gangnam Style wedding video, but I was not entertained enough to continue.

According to Wiki: “On December 21, 2012, “Gangnam Style” became the first YouTube video to reach a billion views.”  Wow!  I can say, I am not one of those billion views.  But I do believe I have heard of “Gangnam Style” – just about everything so why not planking.  Ha, ok, not really.  Again . . . just really trying to eek out a couple more titles to these daily posts.  It is not easy!  As I am sure you can tell from the titles themselves!

With only a few days left of our Plank A Day For A Month Challenge.  It is kinda shocking to realize that we have almost gone an entire month.  Wow.

How are you doing?

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Turn In Nia And Other Dance Exercise Classes (Video)

Posted by terrepruitt on July 10, 2012

I wrote a post about a four-point turn, that is what I call one of the turns we do while we are doing Nia.  In Nia it is sometimes called an Aikido turn.  But it is a turn that is done in many dance exercise classes, including Zumba.  I realize that even if you are reading the post while trying to do it, it could be a bit confusing so . . . . . voila!  A video.

The first clip is of me facing away and I start with a RIGHT turn, then alternate.  Then the second clip is of me facing the camera.

As with my Aikido turn post maybe right and left indications will work better for you.  In my other post I decribed the left turn, so here I will write out the right turn.  And as stated, the right turn is the first turn I demonstrate.  Turn your head/eyes to the right, allow your hand/arm to follow. Move your right foot to “toes out” turning your right thigh bone to the right. Then step on your RIGHT FOOT in a “toes out” position, put your weight on it 100%. As you are stepping all your weight on your RIGHT FOOT, allow your body to turn to the right, in the direction you want to go. Swing your LEFT LEG (free leg) around to what seems like in front of your RIGHT FOOT. Step onto your LEFT FOOT, toes pointing to the back of the room (or what started off as the back of the room), take the weight off the RIGHT FOOT (“toes out” foot). Swing your RIGHT FOOT (free leg) behind to land about in line with the heel of your LEFT FOOT (weighted foot).  You will land standing on the RIGHT FOOT, and turn the LEFT FOOT to be parallel with the right foot. . . making that the fourth point or step.

Even though in the first clip on the right turn you can’t see my right foot “toes out”, I do the turn enough times in the video for you to see how the first step is a “toes out” move.  Starting the turn with the “toes out” and already turning the direction you want to go will go a long way in enabling you to get all the way around.  Even if it takes a lot of practice to get all the way around, starting that first step with the leg in outward rotation will help a lot.  I also said in my last post that I think it is easier to do this move fast as opposed to slow. So it might be a good idea to not try it really slow at first because it is not easy slow.  Just go.  Right toes out, left, right, left.  Or left toes out, right left right.   Remember we do not spin on our feet. We need to pick the feet up off the ground to avoid blisters and strengthen the leg.  Also you might notice that this turn is done on the balls of the feet.  You put all your weight on the ball of the foot.

While my fourth “point” or step I am exaggerating and pointing my toe in that might not always be the case.  When we are moving to the music the fourth “point” could end up being any number of things depending upon many number of things.  The choreography sometimes calls for different things.  Plus there is the individual body that is doing it to consider.  Sometimes people can’t get all the way around, it could be that the music is really moving and there isn’t enough time to get around and settle into that fourth step or it could be that this is one of those moves that will take practice.

It’s a great move that allows us to use ALL five Nia Sensations.  Flexibility on the “toes out” and as we place our feet, mobility in our joints, strength to get us around and stop, agility to stop, and stability to stay stopped.  Cool, huh?

So how are you doing with your turn?

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Squirrel Barking

Posted by terrepruitt on July 14, 2011

I am working on learning a new Nia routine.  After getting coffee this morning I sat down to listen to the music and bar it.  I had done some work on some of the songs already, so I was continuing.  I had opened up a slider because the morning was cool and I wanted to let some cool air in and let the cat enjoy the outside.  As I was sitting there I started to hear a squirrel barking.  I got up to look and I couldn’t see him, but I could hear him well enough I knew he was somewhere along the edge of the yard.  I spotted him on our roof.  I asked him why he was barking, but I was unable to understand his answer.  He kept barking as he ran from one level to the next.  Since he sounded so upset I was curious as to why.  He sounded as if he was near so I looked again.  He was on our roof where I couldn’t see him from the slider.  He barked non-stop.

Being the well-trained squirrel sap that I am, I went outside to give them some peanuts and I cleaned the bird bath and filled it with water.  I thought maybe he wanted peanuts and water.  But he kept barking.  I think he actually moved to a place where he could see me and he knew I could see him.  He was barking for so long that I decided to video him.

This is him.  He is on our neighbor’s roof.

After this he stopped.  Maybe he just wanted me to put him on YouTube.  Maybe he is not happy that the blue jays are eating the nuts.  They usually share pretty well, but the only thing I can think of is that maybe the blue jays are a bit more aggressive than normal because yesterday I noticed they brought babies with them.  I don’t know if you have ever experienced baby blue jays.  At this point they are flying fine and have their balance so they are a few months old, but they still have that baby cry.  They are so round and fluffy and look bigger than the adults.  Yesterday one just stood on the table and cried for food.  But the adult with him wanted him to fend for himself.  But MAYBE this is what the squirrel was barking about today, but I dont’ know.

After he stopped barking he sat in the tree like this.  Giving me some kind of “eye”; evil or squirrely you decide.

Nia workout disctraction - squirrel

So, yeah, this is part of what I mean when I posted the post about workout distractions.  I could ignore them, but often times they are making a ruckus for a reason and if they are doing it in our yard I like to try to figure out why.  Eventually, I shut the door and closed the curtain so I could bar some more of the Nia music and get a Nia workout in.  I wanted to show you more of the “distractions” from our yard.  Silly squirrel.

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