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Apricots and Plums – Peaking

Posted by terrepruitt on June 22, 2010

Someone pointed me in the direction of this great map that indicates what fruits and vegetables are at the peak of the season in a particular state in a particular month.  I need assistance with that because I have never learned that.

This month it is June.  I’m in California.  Not only am I in California, I am in the Bay Area, the San Francisco Bay Area.  In the South Bay.  I have said before that we are very fortunate here in the San Jose Area because we have great weather.  The map does not give specific locations as to what grows where, but I was able to get some plums and apricots off of a friend’s tree(s) (They didn’t come off of the same tree).

I ate only one apricot.  I will save the rest for my hubby because he likes them more than I do.  It was very good.  Very sweet and rich.  The plums are in varying stages of ripeness.  But so far all of the ones I have had are sweet and delicious.  I had a couple for breakfast before my Nia class this morning.

I am thinking of different ways we can eat the plums.  Besides just popping the entire thing in our mouths.  Since even the ones that aren’t that ripe are sweet I was thinking I could cut some up and throw them in a green salad.  No matter the ripeness I could put them in an aluminum foil package of chicken or pork and cook that.  Mmmm.  I think that I am going to do a lot more cooking with fruit this summer, just to try new things.

Do you cook with fruit?  What fruits and vegetables are in peak season right now in your state?

17 Responses to “Apricots and Plums – Peaking”

  1. It was an amazing apricot. I’m happy to say I’ve been eating the apricots off of this tree since the early 70’s.


  2. The note was for that one apricot sitting high in your picture but the others I had for lunch were totally awesome too 🙂 Thanks honey!


    • Ah-ha. As my post states, I am saving the apricots for you. I don’t like them as much as you do.

      You have more today and one plum since it was the only one that felt good-to-go. You, of course, are welcome to help yourself to all the fruit you want! I just put a few in with your sammich!


  3. niachick said

    I love fruit. This picture is making me hungry…I must head to the kitchen to see what I can find!!!



  4. I, my dog and all my friends used to eat fruit in the back yard all summer. Plums were the big deal back then 🙂 Mom would make jam with the apricots and also dry some of them.


  5. suzicate said

    I don’t think I have ever cooked with fresh fruit other than grapes, only marmalades. I’ll have to try it!


    • Apples? I use apples with the pork chops I cook for hubby. Oranges for both chicken and pork. I just have not used apricots or plums. When I get more I want to try it.

      Let me know what you do and how it comes out!


  6. […] after teaching my Nia class on Wednesday.  I had mentioned, in a previous post that I wanted to cook more with fruit since we had a large amount of plums.  So, I was happy to try the mango and chicken kabob.  […]


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