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Triceps Kick Backs

Posted by terrepruitt on June 11, 2011

This is a pretty common triceps exercise.  I would bet that you have seen it even if you have not done it.  It is often done with a dumbbell but for my Ten Minute Workout I opted for a resistance band on the BOSU.  Since this workout is a timed ten minutes, it is best to set it up before you begin the ten minutes.  As you can see in my picture in my Terre’s Ten Ten in Ten I have it all set up before hand.  The resistance band is on the flat side on the BOSU.  For this triceps kick back you stand on the band on the flat side of the BOSU.  Your stance is hip width apart or whatever is comfortable to allow you to balance on the BOSU.  Hold one end of the band in each hand.  Crouch down a little: you are bent over a little bit – knees bent and back straight.  Upper arms and elbows pull back behind your ribs.  Cricket style.  🙂  (Your arms would be the cricket legs.)  Then pull the band straightening your arms.  Only the elbow joint moves.  Everything else is stable and still.

You’ve done those before, huh?  They are pretty common.  We are just doing it a little different because of the BOSU and the band.  So how was that?  What questions come up when you do this exercise?

4 Responses to “Triceps Kick Backs”

  1. niachick said

    Remind me not to get in a fight with you. You must be one tight/hard body woman. I love you!!


    • Nope, but that is what I want and what I am working towards. Seems like hormones (or so I am being told) play a huge role in body compostion. Just learning as I go.

      Thank you so much for commenting and letting me know you are here. 🙂


  2. Michele said

    Hello, wow, it’s Monday! You will have to show me this exercise tomorrow – i am having a hard time picturing it and how to do it, even with your great description 🙂


    • You know how to do it. I know you do. This is a very common arm exercise. Pull your arm/elbow back, to where your hand/fist is at the side of your breast/chest. palm up. Then swing your forearm back, your palm ends up down. Only moving your elbow joint. Now do that bent over with resistance in each hand.

      Have you ever seen Legally Blonde? As I was sitting here trying to think of another way to describe it the picture of the beautician learning the “Bend and SNAP!” popped into my head. The “SNAP” is somewhat like what I was describing above.

      When I show you, maybe you can describe it so that you understand it and I can post that too. Because if you are not understanding my description then other people are not either. I tried to take a picture. Again I am challenged with having only 10 seconds to walk across the room, jump on the BOSU, get in correct alignment and be in the middle of the move by the time the camera goes off.


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