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Cats, Crazy, Valentine’s Day

Posted by terrepruitt on February 13, 2017

You may have read somewhere on my blog that we have two cats.  You may have read somewhere on my blog that we had ONE cat.  It took me over a year to even think about getting another cat.  Notice I said CAT.  So when I finally got to a point where I was entertaining the idea of getting A CAT . . . it was really hard to be faced with the idea of getting TWO.  The one I wanted came as a pair.  Now, I still would opt for ONE cat as opposed to two, but that will not happen because there is no way we would get rid of either one.  Although, I am still learning about two cats.  It is not easy having two cats.  I had always heard that cats did not like change, that cats liked to have the same thing to eat – all the time.  But lately I hear they get bored and want something else.  So when our “big” cat doesn’t bother me for dinner, then when I put it out she barely touches it, I think she is bored.

So then I spend hours on the internet trying to find a food.  Because I am picky.  I prefer grain free and limited ingredients and you may have read somewhere on my blog that our last cat did not like fish.  So, I have never researched any cat food with fish until these two.  They like fish.  Once I find something I will feed them on the internet, I used to buy it, but now I have to go find it at a store because I would rather buy a CAN as opposed to a case (and only cases can be purchased on the internet).  Because apparently only ONE kind of food with fish will do, so I don’t want to buy a whole case and be stuck with it. The little one will eat different kinds, but it seems the “big” one likes ONE kind.  Even though she may seem bored she won’t eat anything else.  Sigh.

Today I was trying to put together a Valentine’s Day routine for my Nia class tomorrow after spending a bit of time looking for new food for the cats.  Then I give it to them and the picky one does not like it and spends the next two hours telling me about her dissatisfaction.  Poor girl.  It is sad because if it were the little one, I probably would have opened another cat food.  But since it was the one who could stand to lose a pound, I just look at her and say, “You have dry food if you don’t want to eat your wet food.  Sorry, Girl.”  Man, why did I bother?  Didn’t get as far as I’d have like on the routine and I felt as if I wasted my time.

Cats are crazy.  But really, it is probably humans that are crazy to try to live with such amazing creatures.  🙂  So will you tell me about feeding two cats?  What do you feed your cats?  And how do you get one to slim down but not the other?  What are your feeding practices?  Do your cats tell you when it is time to feed them?  I know this is a lot of questions, but, I want to know these things.

2 Responses to “Cats, Crazy, Valentine’s Day”

  1. Ann Miller said

    Hi Terre, I also have 2 cats , they also like different foods. If you find that your cats like cheese. Mine get small pieces as treats. I tried sprinkling a little on foods that are rather bland smelling. The easiest is parmesan cheese from a can. That does the trick for one of my cats. Another option is putting a small amount of my home made barbeque sauce on their food. I agree, my cats get tired of the same food every day. Since my cats are now 17 and 16 years old, I am experimenting on taking them off dry food and only giving them wet food. It does seem to be an ongoing challenge with my cats.


    • Ahhh, who doesn’t love cheese. Our cats are really young still so we have not given them in human food. It seems like once they get a taste of it, they tend to become “beggars”. So we are holding off on that. But I will keep that in mind for when we really need it. Thanks!

      When we first got them I wanted to give them feeding times, once in the morning and once in the evening. Well, they don’t eat like that. We would leave the food out and then put it away after a bit. But one cat learned that if she was eating when I left for work, I wouldn’t pick up the plates. So she would eat just as I was getting ready to leave. So I gave up on picking up the plates. So basically they have dry food all the time. If they finish a helping then we don’t fill it until the next “meal time”. For the evening meal time they do get a tub each of their favorite food. I did want them on wet entirely, but I am not sure it is good to feed them tuna all the time (another reason I was looking for an alternative).


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