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It’s a Mystery

Posted by terrepruitt on June 26, 2011

Oh wow!  Last night we went to a mystery party.  It was so fun.  I really was just amazed at the craziness of the character and the twists and turns and just all that was going on.  Since this is a public blog, I don’t want to tell too much because I never know who is reading this and if you were invited to a mystery party with this story line and you got all the details here that wouldn’t be fun.  It was my first party like that and so I was a bit overwhelmed to say the least.

We were on a ship in the 1700’s and we all had goals to accomplish, with abilities, secrets, and information.  Oh and we had “items too”.  And EVERYONE was looking for something.  It was hilarious.  It was fun and I am telling you this because I was so involved in it I forgot to post a placeholder for anyone doing the Ten Minute Workout.  But alas, it doesn’t look as if that was a problem.

I just did mine, but I am going to tell you I actually took out the lunges.  Yes, yes, I know, one of the prime exercises to target the glutes, but it is my foot that I am trying to save.  I have been practicing a Nia routine called Sexi.  I am thinking about doing it this week and it has a lot of ball of foot.  A LOT!   So much so that I might wait until Wednesday to do it, so that I can do it once for my San Jose Nia Class and then once for my Los Gatos Nia Class.  Then have a few days where I am not doing it.  Then pick it up again the following week.   One of my students requested it.

Which reminds me:  YES, there is Nia in San Jose at 9 am on Monday, the Fourth of July.  So come on over.  Many people have that day off so join us.  It will be fun.  We will be doing Sexi!  And Sexi is sexy and fun.

Even though I didn’t do lunges I did target my glutes with the ol’ donkey kick.  But I added some weights to see how that worked.  Remember those donkey kicks?

So what about you?  Did you do the ten exercises?  Did you do ten minutes of any exercise?  That is a great start/addition/quickie.  So let me know.

4 Responses to “It’s a Mystery”

  1. I’ve heard about these mystery parties and how much fun they are!!!! You must e-mail me privately sometime soon and tell me all about it and how you were dressed (and perhaps post a picture)! I’m assuming John went, too? You guys have so much fun!!!

    Sexi is a great routine. My students LOVE it. I tend to forget how much fun it is and how much the ball of the foot comes into play in the routine. As I read your blog post, I was saying to myself “there’s really only one song with the ball of the foot, what is she talking about?”. Then I went through the songs and OMG!!! You are so right. You’re amazing. I love your attention to detail. And of course you know I love YOU!!!


    • John didn’t take a picture of me. I took a couple of pictures. I set my camera down and told a few people to just use it and I was planning on using it too, but I forgot. I was a gypsy. I went and bought a skirt at a thrift store that I can wear for Nia and used it. I wore it Monday in my Nia class.

      We had a great time. John, of course, was a hit. He made up stories all night long to enhance his character. I stressed about what to do. But is was fun.

      Ha, ha! I do that too sometimes, “There isn’t that much kicking/shaking/bending/whatever.” Then I am doing the routing and I say, “Oh.” “Oh.” “Oh.” Each time I do whatever it is I thought there was not a lot of. Sexi has SO MUCH BALL OF FOOT. I am not sure I can do it. I am at a point where I can be ON the ball of my right foot, but in Sexi there is releve on the foot and I am not at that point. There is also mobility bows, where you are doing a bow but then moving all over to play with mobility and stability. I can do a “bow”, but I kind of “fake it” with most of the weight on my left leg/foot, but in Sexi I don’t think I can fake it. I am going to practice today and see what I can do. It is really all about MY BODY’S WAY.

      As always thank you for the support. Love you too!


  2. suzicate said

    I have heard of mystery parties but have never been to one…sounds like lots of fun and excitement!


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